Thursday, December 11, 2008

OSHE Bulletin NOVEMBER 2008 Edition

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Sdra. Lukman


Welcome to the OSHE Bulletin NOVEMBER 2008 Edition.

(Pass it to your colleagues especially the LADIES in the office as there is an article about BAD POSTURE while sitting at work/office.)

The ever-interesting articles and issues in NOV 2008 OSHE Bulletin include:
- Protecting the Young Workers at workplaces
- 5-Step Sequence for strategic OSHE training program
- 9 Tips for good posture at work
- A report on 2-day Manual Handling & Ergonomic workshop in Kedah, Malaysia
- Work Stress may increase breast cancer risk
- Stress at work and its symptoms

A brief report on WSM at ExxonMobil is attached too.

Please share it, forward it and put it up at noticeboard. A small but meaningful contribution.

TQ. Please contact me if further clarifications are needed.

Prof. Shukor,
Your partner in OSHE

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