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Malaysia Airports Promotes '1Safety Culture' at KLIA

Malaysia Airports Promotes '1Safety Culture' at KLIA

Itulah tajuk artikel yang dimuatkan dalam laman web KLIA Malaysia Airport bertarikh 23-November-2009 iaitu sehari selepas kakitangan-kakitangan MAS KLIA di Ruang Berlepas Pintu 7 Penerbangan MH 1164 dari KLIA ke Pulau Pinang GAGAL MEMBERI RESPONS KECEMASAN kepada seorang wanita Eropah yang pengsan.

Ataupun mungkin "Kempen Keselamatan" mereka ini terlepas pandang terhadap perkara-perkara berkaitan tindakan awal kecemasan, pertolongan cemas dan sebagainya?

Artikel sepenuhnya;

SEPANG, November 23 - Malaysia Airports today launched the '1KLIA 1Safety Culture', a joint safety campaign with the objective to promote awareness of safe working area and further stimulate safety-conscious to all airside workers.

KLIA in collaboration with the agencies such as Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA), Malaysia Airlines System (MAS), KL Airport Services (KLAS), AirAsia, MASKargo, LSG Sky Chefs, Petronas, ExxonMobil, Shell, Sinar Jernih, Omniwise Sdn. Bhd., jointly organised this apron safety campaign to educate all the apron users on the importance of safety while they are carrying out their duties and responsibilities at the apron area.

This safety campaign is an annual programme for the ultra-modern airport since its opening in 1998. Among the activities during this month long campaign include Safety Talk by agencies, Safety Exhibitions, Safety Quiz, Airport Fire- Fighting course, Airside Safety Workshop and also Airside Vehicle Display.

During this campaign, the apron users are exposed on a proper handling and management of all the equipments used at the apron area so as to safeguard the safety of the aircraft, crew and other workers, hence minimizing the occurrences of accident.

En. Daud Hosnan, General Manager, Operations of Malaysia Airports, who launched the campaign this morning said: "KLIA achievement is not only measured from the number of passengers, aircraft and cargo handled every year but safety aspect in the operations of the airports are also very important and must be in compliance to the regulatory-bodies such as International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Airports Council International (ACI)."

He added: The campaign is themed '1KLIA 1Safety Culture' as we would like to summon all agencies, especially those working at the apron area, to embrace one belief on the importance of working safely and keeping the workplace safe at all times. We would like to stress not only on physically safe-conscious way of doing work, but also to encourage staff to always think and put safety as top priority at all times, at work and even at home". This safety culture should be imbedded in our body and soul.

The ultra modern airport was one of the five international airports in Malaysia to receive the Safety Management System (SMS) certification from DCA recently to acknowledge the airport's conformance to all safety requirements and achieving continuous improvement in safety performance. These include the essential features of safety such as policy, strategy and planning and implementation as well as promotion, records, staff training and competency.

En. Daud Hosnan said: "The SMS certification is a testimony of our commitment to ensure the highest level of safety at our airports and to fully comply with the ICAO Safety Management System. This certification further creates the needs for us to keep the airport as a safe place to work and to maintain, sustain and further elevate the level of safety standards to the next level that we are committed to."

Although the campaign will only be a month long, Malaysia Airports hopes that the entire apron's workforce will continuously work safely, maintain a safe working environment and further reduce numbers of accidents at the apron.

The Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA) Act 1994, provides the legislative frame work to promote, stimulate and encourage high standards of safety and health at work. The long term goal of the act is to create a healthy and safe working culture among all the employees and employers and KLIA advocates this act strictly as a working culture. OSHA 94 is under Department of OSHA, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.

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