Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The JULY 2008 OSHE Bulletin

The JULY 2008 OSHE Bulletin

Sdra Lukman,

Salam & Warm Greetings,

Please accept the latest OSHE Bulletin - The JULY 2008 OSHE Bulletin.

In this Bulletin, my main focus of discussion is the phenomenon called SICK BUILDING SYNDROME or SBS. As we all are concerned with the wellbeing of our co-workers and staff at the factory floors or the production lines or the offshore platforms, spare our little thoughts to our fellow friends who are working continuously in the office blocks (ie, the admin staff, data entry workers, printing staff, etc) those who have to spend 8, 12, 18 hours per day inside windowless office block, no fresh air intakes and no natural lights. These groups of employees are highly a victim of the so-called SBS phenomenon.

Please read through. Hopefully it will generate an awareness about the need to re-address how we work in a high rise building or windowless office where natural lights cannot enter (or worse, the natural fresh air also cannot travel in!)

Other interesting topics include:

1. Occupational Stress (Part 2) and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).
2. Real examples of SBS at our workplace.
3. 9 tips to prevent Back Pain at work
4. Preventing Violent Conduct of employees at Work. What is workplace BULLYING?
5. High Impact Training courses by Assoc. Prof. Abdul Shukor Abdullah

Enjoy reading! Please share it with your colleagues at work. Forward it through the email. Print it and place it on the office notice board. SHARE IT!

Thank you. Your feedback is most welcome.

Abdul Shukor Abdullah
Your partner in OSHE

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