Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 3 Materials 5253 ERM (KL)

SMH 5253 ERM – Emergency Response Management

To all UUM/NIOSH MOSH students

Subject SMH 5253 ERM – Emergency Response Management
3rd Batch, KL’s Campus

Download and save the following materials in your pc or thumbdrive. All materials were saved in pdf files format. If you want in origin format (Power Point and Word), please liaise with class Tok Penghulu.

Date line of Course Assignment on Examination Day.

Day 3

A3 MKN No 20


B1 Arahan 20 full set
B2 Mutual Aid Agreement (sample) – Strictly for MOSH Student only. Pls get directly from Tok Penghulu.
B3 Pre Incident Action Format
B4 Rapid Response Manual (Infectious Diseases Outbreak)

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