Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Safety by design

Original posting from; Pak Adib

Attention to details

Let me share with you what I discovered lately about the benefits of paying attention to details in design of building components. As I walk down the stairs of Ikea next to The Curve, my friend pointed out to me the two narrow straps of steel embedded at the edge of the steps. He told me the two lines marked the edge of the steps to prevent people from falling. To me, this is real thoughtful and cool!!! I have not seen them yet any where in Malaysia. As I went down the staircase, without those steel straps, the streps would appear just like a piece of wide timber slanting downwards, especially those with impared vision,poor eye sights and deteriorating old eyes like me.

I have heard many horror stories about our older folks fell in the toilets.We have to build safe features to protect them and us if we live long enough..

To my engineer and architect friends, kindly take note-Safety By Design:-)

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