Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laman web Ergonomik Dr. Jalal
Laman web Ergonomik Dr. Jalal

Laman web Ergonomik Dr. Jalal (Dr. Jalaluddin Dahalan) boleh dilawat di sini. Bagaimanapun semenjak kujungan saya ke laman ini beberapa bulan lepas, tiada sebarang artikel yang dikemaskinikan.

Biodata Dr. Jalal;


Dr Jalaluddin Dahalan
PhD. in Industrial Engineering (Human Factors), 1993
The Wichita State University, USA


During his stay in United State, he was directly involved in developing and working on various ergonomics related program at companies such as Boeing, Cessna, Beech Craft, Wesley Hospital, Rubbermaid Industry, Cerebral Palsy Research Center and the National Institute for Aviation Research to name a few. Prior to coming back to Malaysia from USA in early 90's he last served as a Senior ergonomics Engineer at Koch Industries Inc, USA; an Oil & Gas Corporation.

Upon his return to Malaysia in 1994, Dr Jalaluddin has joined the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Malaysia for 7 years. His final position was as the Ergonomics Division Manager. As an expert in the field of ergonomics and OSH, he assisted the Department of Occupational safety and Health to come out with guideline such as Standing at Work, Working with VDU and Occupational Health Services. He trained DOSH personal in the areas of OSH and served as an advisor to DOSH in the field of ergonomics. Dr Jalaluddin also serves as an advisor to a number of companies currently and is considered as one of the leading ergonomist and OSH professional in the country.

Now in ErgoWorks, he had conducted numerous Ergonomics Training Programs, Assessments, Consultancy/Advisory works, 3D workplace design simulation for the Oil & Gas facilities and other related R&D studies for companies such as Petronas Dagangan, MLNG, ABF Bintulu, Sarawak Shell Berhad, Sabah Shell Petroleum Co, ExxonMobil, Carigali Triton, BP Chemical, Motorola, Texas Instrument, Colgate Palmolive, Sony, Sharp-Roxy and Sanyo to name a few multinationals each with differing the overall productivity and competitiveness of their human workforce to ensure optimal return on their overall business investment.

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