Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 6 Materials SMH 5263 OSH MS (Prai)

Day 6 Materials SMH 5263 OSH MS (Prai)

SMH 5263 OSH Management System

To all UUM/NIOSH MOSH students

Subject SMH 5263 OSH Management System
4rd Batch, Prai’s Campus

Download and save the following materials in your pc or thumbdrive. All materials were saved in pdf files format. If you want in origin format (Power Point and Word), please liaise with class Tok Penghulu.

Day 6


A1 Accident Investigation, Corrective & Preventive Actions


B1 Accident Investigation (sample)
B2 SOP Accident Reporting (sample)
B3 SOP Accident investigation (sample)
B4 TCB SOP Accident Reporting & Notification (sample)
B5 Accident Report Form (sample 1)
B6 Accident Report Form (sample 2)
B7 Accident Investigation Form (sample)
B8 Written Accident Format (sample)
B9 NODOPOD JKKP 8(1), 8(2), 8(3) & 8A


C1 Learn from mistake Part 6
C2 SMH 5263 OSH MS Course Summary

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