Monday, August 4, 2008

The AUGUST 2008 OSHE Bulletin

The AUGUST 2008 OSHE Bulletin

Salam, Meet again with the latest OSHE Bulletin - The AUGUST 2008 OSHE Bulletin.

In this Bulletin, my discussion focuses on WORKPLACE INTERVENTION or WI. It explains the process and the ingredients for transforming our workplace and the employees into a healthier and safer state of being. Also, I have included a section on a growing crisis at our workplace called the COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME or CVS.

If left unnoticed, the CVS might affect our health in the long term.

Please read through. Hopefully it will generate an awareness about the need to re-address how we work in the current high tech environment and common factory.

Other interesting topics include:

1. Types of BURNS and the necessary treatments.
2. Study: GREENER offices make employees happier!
3. Announcement & a chance to meet yours truly!
4. Useful and highly relevant websites on OSHE matters.
5. Ways to prevent forklift trucks accidents.

Enjoy reading! Please share it with your colleagues at work. Forward it through the email. Print it and place it on the office notice board. SHARE THEM.

Thank you. Your feedback is most welcome.

Abdul Shukor Abdullah
Your partner in OSHE

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