Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OCTOBER 2008 OSHE Bulletin

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Salam Aidil-Fitri & Greetings

Once again we meet through the latest OSHE bulletin:

The OCTOBER 2008 OSHE Bulletin.

It is packed with news and articles on OSHE matters for your great reading activtity.

Contents for OCTOBER 2008 OSHE Bulletin:
- A Vital Goal: Creating an OSHE CULTURE at work
- 10 Steps to create an OSHE Culture at work
- 6 indicators of successful culture change at work
- How can I plan a PPE program at my workplace?
- A shocking incident and questions on OSHE (with photos!)
- Protecting young workers (Age: 15 to 25)
- Examples of OSHE campaigns for young workers
- Benefits of OSHE courses by Prof. Shukor.

Please read them, share them with your colleagues and other workers, display them on the Safety noticeboards and happy contributing!


Prof. Shukor.
Your OSHE partner

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